About me

My name is Fernando F Huerta and I am originally from Alicante (Spain), though I live since 2002 in Stockholm (Sweden). I got my PhD in organic chemistry at the university of Alicante in 1998. After 2 years postdoc at Stockholm university I returned to the university of Alicante as Associate Professor and 2 years later (in 2002) I moved back to Sweden.

Since then, I have been working in big pharma and I have started two companies within life science business. My scientific interests have been increasing during the years and I do my best to keep up with all of them (not always easy).

This page is the result of the increasing interest on data mining and specially in using free available systems to help analysing data and finding right compounds and/or reactions. The subject is not yet implemented in universities or relevant academic institutions, but it's a matter of time...

Finally, a few words about my pseudonym "Dr. Alatriste". Alatriste is a 2006 Spanish historical film based on the main character of a series of novels written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, The Adventures of Captain Alatriste. So, he was not a chemist, just a soldier back in the 17th century. When I first watched the movie, I really liked the name and that's why I started to use it in the cyberspace.
For more information about, the film click here, the novels click here

That's all for now.

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed herein are the author’s own, and do not represent the opinions of or about past, current and future business partners, clients, employers, colleagues, institutions, universities, companies, researchers, unnamed peasants and other people.